Seasons of Mistress Lubyanka - Winter

Note by the commissioner ....

Now is the cruel Russian winter.
Gaspazha is driving Her sleigh once more through the moonlight to Her dacha, which groans beneath the burden of snow that lies thick and deep across the land. Swirling flurries continue to fall, flecking all with the white confetti of midwinter. It is bitingly cold, and amidst the ghostly trees silvery shadows move; wolves howl in the vast distance. Does our Goddess care? Of course not! She is warmed by Her gorgeous furs and by the pleasure of whipping on Her troika and the three slave ponies that stamp and prance in their harsh outfits. No creature of the darkness would dare challenge Her, She is the Mistress of the Night, Her power commands all.
For long hours the dacha slaves have gazed out in yearning for Her arrival, and now they rush forward joyously to meet Her; one greets Her by kissing Her boot, the other bears the assembled artwork that Sardax has prepared for Her delight. Her slaves may gasp and tremble in the icy air, but they know that all too soon their flesh will be warmed by the sweet sting of Her cane and the harsh caress of Her whip. Soon the boundless forest will echo with their moans of gratitude.
She is the Queen of this land, Empress of all the seasons, Owner of our hearts. And at this very moment Her eyes are turned to gaze at us, Her lucky worshippers. They flame like stars with Her mischievously sadistic amusement and ask us all a simple, unspoken question;
“Do you dare?”


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